The Power of Your Employees

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Do we really need a consultant to let us know how to fix what is wrong with your business?

I doubt this is always necessary. What I do know, is that if you have a gut feeling that something is wrong, it probably is. However, you have the single best source of information right in front of you to get to the root of the problem quickly – your employees.

With all of the information swarming about the importance of employee engagement, we may be missing a prime opportunity to include our employees in the conversation. I am encouraging all of the bosses, managers and owners out there to access the single best resource of cutting-edge information – your staff!

You can read more about this, in my recent post for the LinkedIn Influencer program: The Wisdom of Your Employees.

Dr. Marla Gottschalk is a Workplace Psychologist. Connect with her and continue the conversation on Twitter and Linkedin.

One thought on “The Power of Your Employees

    May we examine this social contract issue further, collar to collar to fully reveal the benefits from the prospective of the subject actually performing the task, he/she/me can share information that’s not on the blueprints, not in the procedure manual, and certainly not in the msds, but some of the less obvious things that the hands that touch can only tell, what’s keeping efficiency at a minimum for this particular operator , or what would make this operation better for for them. It’s easier for employees to share with collars of the same color, So an employee liaison would be beneficial in this process as well , arming him/her with the necessary skill sets to awaken the sleeping talent with their co-workers, it is imperative for them to remain “co-workers” cause there’s a level of comfort and trust among collars that would be lost if a title was introduced, so arming employees with the skill to lean themselves without changing their title and empowering employees to teach each other, share each others ideas in a continuous forum at end of every month, a better brunch where every idea on bettering how they do, what they do is heard and implemented in coming month.


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