The Core Philosophy™ + Solutions

Work life is different now. Focus on what matters.


It’s simple really. We need to invest in the core.

The Core Philosophy™ acknowledges that a strong foundation is necessary to empower great work.

Over the last 15 years, I’ve listened to hundreds of conversations concerning work and organizational development. The vast majority of challenges shared, required an honest look at the fundamentals, The foundation.

The take away? Without an adequate level of stability —  people and organizations struggle to excel.

For individuals, this includes an adequate level of self-knowledge and career support. For organizations, this includes elements such as a well-communicated mission and steady, focused leadership.

More on the topic:
“Work is often about seeking the sure footing that we need to move forward…Many sources of stability can be easily overlooked when leaders and managers are addressing other issues deemed to be more urgent. To counter this, we must make a more concerted effort to bring stability to the forefront of our minds — and apply this thinking to individuals’ needs. This includes the practice of being mindful of the role of stability and how it can positively affect our work every day.”
– Harvard Business Review, 2019

The Core Masterclass™ helps managers & team leads build needed stability for their team. The immersive experience, teaches participants to change the lens and see challenges and opportunities more clearly.

Core Organizational Coaching helps leadership teams address key elements that contribute to a stable business core. These topics include supportive people practices and resource allocation, among others 

Topics addressed through The Core Philosophy:

Managers & Team Leads:

  • Our new managers deserve training in “managing others”. With much of their attention focused on people, our managers haven’t yet received formal training. We need to right this oversight. What training would be most useful?
  • Some of our managers are struggling. They get the work done, but are failing to truly engage and inspire their respective teams. How do we help them build important connections?

For Organizations:

  • We want to grow wisely. Growth & development are at the top of our list of key challenges this year. How do we decide where to devote future resources?
  • Our company is facing new competition. Our business cannot afford to wait and watch our hard work slip away. How do we shift and become more agile, so that we can compete to the best of our abilities?
  • I’m observing unsettling in-fighting between functions & within teams. This undoubtedly drags energy away from the work. How do we identify the source and clear up the friction?

Ready to start building?
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