The Core

What is The Core?

After many years as an organizational coach & diagnostician, I experienced an “aha moment”. It became very clear that a stable core — comprised of a set of vital psychological constructs — was critical to organizational health.

This set of stabilizing constructs, provides a foundation that offers an enhanced opportunity for contributors to engage and excel in the workplace.

I call this foundation The Core.

Why is The Core Important?

In a rapidly changing world, a strong foundation is imperative for both people and organizations.

Adopting a lens of stability, can help us organize the vast amount of information inundating our inboxes concerning employee engagement and organizational effectiveness. It can offer clues as to why some organizations are more effective — and how we can truly support great work.

Learning about the elements that comprise core stability can be a game-changer — empowering both leaders and managers to support their team at a foundational level.

Ready to dig in and learn more?  Whether you are a CEO, Manager or Individual Contributor — Core Stability can help you move forward.