Core Stability

1. the central, innermost, or most essential part of anything.

The Lens of Core Stability

Human beings require more than a generous salary or the latest perks to feel truly connected to our work. We need clarity concerning who we are as contributors, what we intend to accomplish and strategies to build a work life to reflect this.

After years as an advisor, I experienced an “aha” moment. Suddenly, it became quite clear that a strong core was critical to organizational health. I began to evaluate organizations through a lens of stability, which embraced the elements that must be present for people to do great work and excel. Elements such as a clear mission, shared values and more.

These elements serve as the starting point of a strong foundation, The Core.

Core Stability & The Culture of You.

Just as a strong foundation supports an organization, a parallel set of elements contribute to an individual’s core. These elements include clarity concerning work life direction and our supporting career eco-system.

When our core is incomplete or compromised, the resulting state can hold negative consequences. We may lack focus, or our path may feel unclear. We also might struggle to feel engaged with our work.

Core Stability & Managers

Managers have a unique opportunity to impact work life. They are the bedrock of our career experiences, laying the foundation for how we approach our work now — and in many cases, in the future. They can either fuel our core, or leave it weakened.

When managers are well-informed concerning the psychological constructs that contribute to core stability — a window opens. They can feel empowered to do more for their team. 

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The Core: Training

The Core: Manager Program


The sheer amount of information about how to manage others, makes it nearly impossible to identify the right management strategy. As a result, managers are often left with more questions than answers. They feel lost, immobilized. If you are a newly promoted manager, how do you gain needed skills? What should they do or say to engage their team? How do you avoid losing valued team members?

The Core File is a 30 day research-based program, designed to empower managers to connect with their team. Utilizing the lens of stability, The Core offers managers a unique opportunity to start off on the right foot — strengthening the foundation that facilitates both engagement & productivity. It offers both clarity and strategy.

The program is based a unique set of psychological constructs, rarely discussed on the same page, at the same time. It embraces the underlying philosophy that a deep respect for what human beings need in the workplace, is the root of forward progress. 

The Core recognizes an essential dynamic: Empowered managers, empower others.

The Core helps managers:

  • Elevate how they view the role and its potential impact — empowering them do more for their team.
  • Apply powerful coaching tools to connect with team members, a skill set that separates exceptional managers from the rest of the field.
  • To address core stability, through knowledge of the “Fab 4”,  a unique set of psychological constructs that can impact engagement and intention to turnover.
  • Translate built knowledge into behaviors, through organically-derived case studies, helpful guides and easy to apply scripts.
  • Build a leadership community, through group sessions that emphasize real-time, context specific challenges.

“The team walked away from these sessions stronger, energized and able to immediately operationalize the key concepts we discussed over the two-day course.”Rachel White, Director Product Line Delivery Services at ServiceNow.

The program is delivered through a drip-paced delivery program — with 6-month access to all readings, exercises, resources and guides. The program includes either 2 Facilitated Skill Sessions (Groups within Organizations) or Webinars (Individual Program), which occur at the start of week 2 (Discussion core readings & case studies) and week 4 (Skill Application).

Please note: The Core for individual participants is delivered bi-annually.

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