The Core + Training

Core /kôr/


1. the central, innermost, or most essential part of anything.

Working While Human
Human beings require more than a generous salary to feel a connected to work. We require clarity concerning who we are, what we wish to bring — and strategies to build a work life to reflect these elements. 

These elements are the beginning of a strong foundation — the core.

What is Core Stability?
After years serving as an organizational advisor, I experienced an “aha” moment.
Suddenly, it became clear that a strong core was critical to healthy organizations. I began to evaluate organizations through what I describe as a “lens of stability”, which carefully considers the elements that must be present for people to thrive. The seeds of this realization began years before, within hundreds of conversations concerning work and organizations.

Core stability is not the brand of stability that deters organizational innovation or success. In fact, it can serve to support these goals. Core stability is a positive force that functions as the bedrock, the foundation beneath the veneer.

The Culture of You
A parallel set of elements contribute to an individual’s core. These elements comprise our personal work life core. Our work life mission, the narratives that we build concerning skills and the metrics that we apply to gauge our success — all contribute to core stability. When the core is weakened, the resulting state can hold negative consequences. We may lack focus. Our paths can become unclear. We might struggle to stand in our own power.

Historically, we fail to apply the same rigor utilized to understand an organization’s core  to our own. However, understanding this core is vital.

To move forward in your work life — start with the foundation, the core.

The Core TrainingSM for Managers
This customized training illuminates how the core impacts the role of manager. The course includes curated readings, core managerial exercises, case study work, concept guides and discussion concerning the operationalization of key concepts to real time managerial challenges.
The course draws deeply upon personal reflection, published people-focused research and a respect for what the role of manager can & should be.

The course is delivered in a unique private site format, where all materials are immediately available for review and reflection. Two 1.5-hour facilitated sessions round out the delivery process. The course can be scaled to large groups, with smaller break-out cohort groups. Please note: The course is particularly helpful for those transitioning into managerial roles.

“Feedback from the team revealed they walked away from these sessions stronger, energized and able to immediately operationalize the key concepts we discussed over the two-day course.” – Rachel White, Director Product Line Delivery Services

Core Training for Individuals
This course for individuals helps participants acknowledge the foundation of their  work lives, examining similar elements that contribute to organizational core stability. The process builds awareness of an individual’s personal work life core — the internal resources they draw upon to support their path.

The course includes a proprietary diagnostic, curated readings for individual contributors and exercises to build a stronger work life foundation. The exploration touches upon 5 key areas; Clarity, Courage, The Dark Side, Eco-Systems and Permission — each comprised of multiple topics.

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