The Core Philosophy

Work life is always shifting. Focus on the foundation.
Harness needed energy.

Over the last 15 years, I’ve listened to hundreds of conversations concerning work, teams and progress. While the specifics concerning success and failure varied, the vast majority ultimately discussed the fundamentals — the foundations necessary for progress.

The take away? Without a stable foundation, the right tools and support, we struggle to excel. The Core Philosophy focuses on the provision of the right brand of stability — the brand of stability that empowers both people & teams. For individuals, this includes career clarity & an adequate level of self-knowledge to create energy. For teams, this includes elements such as a well-communicated purpose and positive, focused leadership.

Read the Harvard Business Review article here.

Work is more than just work.

It requires the right foundation, to help contributors connect with required energy sources. The Core Philosophy helps people & teams sort through the noise — and find that signal.