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Can you or your team move forward without core stability?
Well, yes — and no.

As the pace quickens within our work lives, the more we require a stable foundation to meet the demands. While we might muddle through, a growing body of research has shown that stability is related to both individual and organizational success. The Core Philosophy™ embraces key elements required for both people and teams to excel. (Read the HBR article.)

For Individuals: The Core Coaching Intensive™

A strong core is one key to an impactful work life.

It seems that we are forever settling for the work lives that are presented to us. Why can’t we transact who we are — and what we know — into an effective work life? In 2016, my path took a sudden turn when I realized that most people and organizations neglect their core — the foundation that supports great work.

Yet, without a strong foundation, both thought and action are limited.

No matter your level or role, this intensive takes my most engaging topics to a new level, focusing on the strategies that you need most to meet the challenges you face. We’ll address topics such as clarity, eco-systems and permission to expand.

You’ll gain access to a private site with curated readings, mind-stretching exercises and guides to help discover who you really are as a contributor and what may be operating to hold you back. Whether you manage others, or just yourself — you’ll find useful, game-changing tools & techniques.

Join hundreds of others who have benefited from this mind-shifting content.

For Managers: The Core Masterclass™

Teams are unique micro-cultures which managers can impact.

Yet, most managers do not receive the tools they require to become effective managers. This limits their ability to make a positive impact.

When an executive coaching client asked me to create a course, full of the strategies that  shared during our work together, for her own team of managers — The Core Masterclass was born. We’ll attack topics such as clarity, micro-culture undercurrents and coaching tools.

This course, offers participants an opportunity to learn techniques that help a team lead or manager provide core stability — and empower the work of their team. The course includes access to a private site which features stability-enhancing psychological constructs, curated readings, organic case-studies & behavioral tools that can be applied in real time.

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