The Core

As the pace quickens within our work lives — the more we require certain elements to remain solid.

Yet, while stability & change are simultaneous forces within work life — the provision of stability is often undervalued. When we view work life through a lens of stability, we can empower our work and the work of those we manage. This is because building a strong work life foundation can help our employees thrive.

Whether you are a CEO, Department Lead, Founder or Director — you can help your team harness the power of core stability. The journey begins with an awareness of the psychological constructs that contribute to a solid core.

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The Core Intensive for Managers


The Core Intensive for Managers

Based upon vetted psychological research, The Core Intensive Training Series is designed to build a strong knowledge base and a unique behavioral tool kit — to help managers support high-performance teams.

The training series begins with an exploration into Managerial Clarity and introduces a set of psychological constructs, the “Fab 4” — which facilitate core stability. The program continues with an exploration of The Dark Side, a set of key concepts which touch upon team & culture dynamics that may be holding the work back.

Organically derived case studies help connect learned constructs with real-time team challenges. Readings and exercises support the program, building awareness and coaching techniques.

The Program:

  • Explores the connection between stability and the work — enhancing potential to support & guide.
  • Helps participants examine their unique managerial vision with increased clarity.
  • Builds awareness of psychological constructs that contribute to connection & productivity.
  • Builds an understanding of potential “Dark Side” elements & how they can limit team success.
  • Introduces coaching techniques to help participants support their team.

Program Components:

  • Delivered virtually.
  • Curated reading list.
  • Two facilitated sessions.
  • Organic case studies.
  • Unique skill building exercises.
  • Construct application guides.
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