The Core Philosophy™ + Solutions

We all envision environments where both people and ideas thrive. Yet, there are vital elements that must be present for this to occur. As the pace continues to quicken within work life — the more we require a stable foundation to excel.

The research tells us, that providing stability enhances both individual & organizational success. This is where The Core Philosophy™ enters.

The Core Philosophy™ helps people, teams & organizations become more effective, through well-researched psychological constructs that facilitate strong foundations.

My team of managers walked away from these sessions stronger, energized and able to immediately operationalize the key concepts we discussed over the two-day course. – Rachel White, Director Product Line Delivery Services at ServiceNow.

Start now and explore solutions:

  • Read the HBR article. Get an overview of the lens of stability, examples of contributing elements and its role in both individual & organizational success.
  • Business Coaching: The Review™. From resources to people practices — there are strategic opportunities to enhance core stability within your business. However, making progress is often thwarted by a “tangle” of information. Through our unique diagnostic process, we’ll sort through your existing survey data, HR stats and valued metrics — and explore if you have addressed the elements that contribute to core stability. We’ll provide targeted suggestions to improve core strength.
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  • For Leaders: The Coaching Intensive. Leading others is a role that most face without the appropriate training or support. Helping leaders excel requires that they  a knowledge base & the behavioral tools to provide a solid foundation. In this coaching intensive, participants spend 4 weeks exploring the building blocks of core stability and strategies that will make them a stronger leader. With curated readings, exercises and 4 1:1 sessions — they will strengthen both their leadership tool kit and level of confidence.
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  • For Managers: The Core Training Series™. Teams are a micro-culture that managers can impact. This course offers participants an opportunity to learn techniques that bring stability to the role as a team lead/manager  — and in turn, the work of their team. The course includes guides to stability-enhancing psychological constructs, curated readings, exercises & behavioral tools that can be applied in real time.
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