The Core Philosophy™

Why do we struggle to bring our best work to the world?

It’s simple. We’ve forgotten to invest in the core.

The Core Philosophy™ acknowledges that a strong, stable foundation is necessary to empower great work. Without an adequate level of internal stability — people and organizations struggle to excel.

It is easy to run ahead and neglect the infrastructure. We ignore that as we change, so must our work. That knowing ourselves is the best foundation for a productive, useful career. That in the race for innovation and digital transformation — the power of a strong foundation is necessary for an organization to truly thrive.

The Core Philosophy™ helps entrepreneurs + managers/team leads + individual contributors — expand the potential of everyday work life through a unique set of psychological constructs, exercises and behavioral tools.

Why focus on the core? Over the last 15 years, I’ve listened to hundreds of conversations concerning work and organizations. Most of the challenges discussed, required an honest look at a set of fundamental elements.

Here are a just a few of the shared experiences:We treat strength alignment as a luxury — when in fact it is a necessity.(9)

  • I’m a new manager, yet I’ve been offered minimal training. We can get the work done, but what can I do to inspire my team? How do I help them handle the individual challenges they might face?
  • I’m observing unsettling in-fighting between functions and teams. This likely affects our customers. Sometimes, I can’t lead for all of the drama. What is really happening here? How do I stop the dynamic?
  • Our company is facing new competition, which we never saw coming. We are losing long-term clients and seem frozen. The feeling of gloom is ominous. How do I help the company rise to the challenge?
  • Work feels stressful and overwhelming. But, this is a good job and feel I should stay. If I do move on — I worry about the toll this would take on my career and family.
  • I’m trying my best to elevate my work and get noticed, but nothing seems to be working. I can’t seem to gain momentum. I’m spinning my wheels. What am I missing?
  • I’m always stuck in my head. I often have ideas, but I never develop or share them. How can I get beyond this gate?

We make progress when we examine the supporting foundation. Ready to start exploring?

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