The Story of The Core

I want you to know, what I’ve discovered about work and organizations.

And if you’ve landed here — you’ve likely considered that something may be missing from yours. Your career may feel stagnant. Your team may seem unable to build out a promising idea or product. If you are an entrepreneur, your business may be struggling to grow.

I’ve learned vital lessons about what human beings need to move forward at work. My experiences as an Industrial & Organizational Psychologist, have only deepened my commitment to unravel the dynamic of challenge, change and forward progress. Where I’ve landed is simple, yet elegant — easy to grasp, yet frequently elusive.

As the pace quickens within our work lives — the more we require a solid foundation to help us excel.

Yet, while stability & change are simultaneous forces within work life, the provision of stability is often undervalued. When we view work life through a lens of core stability — we can discover clues that empower our work and the work of those we support.

“Most organizations struggle to find the right balance between stability and change, which in turn affects individual contributors. But in the race for innovation and digital transformation, the idea of stability has been somewhat lost in the mix, and there are strong indications that we should revisit its merits.”, If You Want Engaged Employees, Offer Stability, HBR, 2019.

The research has shown that providing stability has been shown to relate to both individual & organizational success. Whether you are an CEO, Founder, Manager or Team Lead — you can help your team by harnessing that power.

Explore the idea further:

  • Read the HBR article. Get a quick overview of the lens of stability and how it plays a role in both individual & organizational success.
  • Learn more about Executive Coaching here. Helping your organization move through challenge and change, requires that you understand core stability on both an individual & organizational level. In this coaching series, you’ll begin with definitions of both individual & organizational stability and end with a discussion about how to spark behavioral change within your function or organization.
  • Book The Core Masterclass here. Managing others requires that we acknowledge the importance of our psychological resources. This Masterclass offers managers an opportunity to learn techniques that bring needed stability to the work — ultimately helping their team get to the business of great work. The course exposes managers to constructs & tools that can be applied to their day to day activities.