About Dr. Gottschalk & Coaching

Nothing grows without support.
Not people.
Not teams.
Not organizations.

Dr. Gottschalk’s coaching practice focuses on building work life core stability. This is a foundation necessary to capture valued outcomes, — including high engagement, organizational agility & productivity. With specific experience working with high-functioning teams & organizations in flux, she utilizes a coaching process which includes team assessment, guided exploration & a unique set of skill building exercises. Her programs are particularly relevant to new & developing managers. (Read more about core stability at The Harvard Business Review.)

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About Dr. Gottschalk

Marla has worked with individuals & teams representing the auto, education, technology, hotel & non-profit sectors, where she has helped clients face obstacles and help them get unstuck.  A charter member of LinkedIn Influencer program, she has built a following of 2+ Million. Her perspectives on work life have also been shared at The Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, Talent Zoo, US News & World Report, The Huffington Post, The Muse and The World Economic Forum blog. 

She holds a B.S. in Psychology from Michigan State University and a Ph.D. in Industrial & Organizational Psychology with a minor concentration in multivariate statistics from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan.

Themes explored regarding Core Stability:

  • Core Stability Assessment. What are the most salient elements that require attention for an individual or team?
  • Exploration of  Personal Work Life Commandments: What matters most to contributors?
  • Team Stability Foundations: How do teams become true “high functioning” teams?
  • Productivity Implications: What core habits & mindsets support productivity?
  • Supporting the Core: How can contributors support & strengthen their psychological resources?

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