The Core

As the pace quickens within our work lives — the more we require certain elements to remain solid. Yet, while stability & change are simultaneous forces within work life, the provision of stability is often undervalued. When we view work life through a lens of needed Core Stability — we discover clues that empower our work and the work of those we support.

“Most organizations struggle to find the right balance between stability and change, which in turn affects individual contributors. But in the race for innovation and digital transformation, the idea of stability has been somewhat lost in the mix, and there are strong indications that we should revisit its merits.”  – Marla Gottschalk, If You Want Engage Employees, Offer Them Stability, Harvard Business Review, 2019.

Bringing core stability to work environments is a layered phenomenon. In my years as a coach & advisor, I’ve found that a shift in mindset isn’t always enough to change work environments for the better. We must learn how to express that mindset shift through consistent behavioral change and expression.

Whether you are an CEO, Founder, Manager or Team Lead — you can help your team by harnessing the power of core stability.

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