The Core

Core /kôr/


1. the central, innermost, or most essential part of anything.

Working while human
Human beings require more than a great salary to feel connected with their work. We require clarity concerning who we aspire to be as a contributor and strategies to build a work life to reflect that definition. This begins with the basics — the core.

No matter the business or industry, your work life can benefit from the same level of rigor that is applied to evaluating the needs of evolving organizations. The ultimate goal is to understand your work life mind.

The core
After years of serving as an organizational development advisor, I experienced what most call an “aha” moment.
Suddenly, it became very clear that core stability was critical to supporting great work; serving as a springboard for growth and development. The impetus for this observation began years before, in the hundreds of conversations concerning work and work life.

Core stability doesn’t deter organizational innovation or success, as many might fear — it actually serves to support these goals. It is a pure, positive force that functions as the epicenter of potential success. It is the foundation. The bedrock. This dynamic provides the sure footing people need & propels them toward the work they were meant to do. The same diagnostic process applied to organizational core stability, can help individuals build core stability, as well.

To accomplish great things — first examine the foundation of your work life.

The core & work life
I help individuals build awareness concerning their work life core, including the internal resources and strategies an individual draws upon to support their path. The exploration touches upon 5 factors that ultimately affect progress, with each comprised of multiple elements. When one factor is weakened or incomplete, the resulting state can dull focus, limiting alignment and success.

Coming soon: The Core

The Core is a set of lessons, exercises and leave-behinds designed to help us build (and utilize) a strong work life foundation. It is a blend of reflection, people-focused research and a heart-felt respect for what work can & should be. The processes challenges the beliefs, narratives and metrics that lie at the core of our work lives, with the goal of revising the blueprint to support great work going forward.

If you would like to explore your work life core — or bring that exploration to your team or organization — stay tuned for more. If you’d like to learn more about The Core, write me here.