The Core Masterclass

The Core Masterclass

Want to offer your team the power of core stability?

The Core Masterclass builds awareness concerning core stability — and teaches participants how to apply that knowledge to their work. Through a unique set of readings, exercises and guides, the course goes beyond the desire for excellence, innovation, & disruption — to address the constructs necessary to support these goals.

The Core Philosophy acknowledges that a strong, supportive foundation can empower our work. Its tenets help managers build positive micro-cultures, leveraging a unique set of psychological constructs. Organizations that build core strength, have the opportunity to create supportive environments that help people excel. Current research shows that providing needed stability affects not only people — but key markers of organizational performance.

The Core Masterclass touches upon topics including:

  • Managerial clarity,
  • Psychological foundations,
  • Team dysfunction,
  • Supportive eco-systems.

Train virtually.
The Core Masterclass is a 4-week module-based course. It offers participants an opportunity to learn constructs & real-life tools that build core stability. Fees includes access to a private site — featuring guides to stability-enhancing psychological constructs, curated readings & behavioral tools that can be applied in real time.

Team applications of 5 or more, include a bi-weekly Zoom call with Dr. Gottschalk to discuss setting-specific application. Individual participants have limited access to Dr Gottschalk by email.