5 Ways to Solve Workplace Problems (and Avoid Burnout)


Are you facing a tough workplace problem that you just cannot seem to solve?


Quickly reaching the “burnout” plateau?

You might think that increased perseverance always pays off. But in fact, this doesn’t always do the trick. In many cases, we need to change the game plan to make progress.

Here are 5 strategies that you can utilize to power through tough work-related dilemmas:

  • Watch comedy. Getting the current issue off your mind and breaking the “tension cycle” is key. Personally, I’ve found a great sitcom or stand-up routine works quite well. We’ve all heard of the benefits of a good laugh in regard to stress and overall mood. Laughing can offer a refreshing boost to your work life as well.
  • Listen to a TED Talk. I find listening to great speakers inspirational. Somehow — when their ideas start to flow, my brain wants to follow suit. (I’ve probably started 10 outlines on various topics applying this method.) Start with the best of TED right here.
  • Talk. Discuss the problem with someone you do not work with. In many cases, those not in the midst of our worries, can draw parallels to issues they have already solved in the past — and you can be the lucky beneficiary. (Keep the details to yourself if they are sensitive, but share the gist of the problem.)
  • Walk. Last year, I vowed to walk every day.  (For the most part, I’ve kept that promise. Although I’m working on winter options. ) Even a brief stroll around the block, can clear your head and help you change gears. Get out there.
  • Rest. Yep. Sleep on it. We require rest to resolve all sorts of issues during REM sleep — and your current problem may end up on the docket. Take advantage of your body’s natural defenses against chaos — and turn in early.

What are your strategies? Share them here.

Dr. Marla Gottschalk is an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist, consultant and coach.

4 thoughts on “5 Ways to Solve Workplace Problems (and Avoid Burnout)

  1. yes I do agree with the author as specially 3rd one. when we discuss with some one else who is no way related to the problem- can bring another aspect or way to solve the problem. or sometimes when you describe the problem to another person you yourself put the case from the beginning and can make out a simple solution.


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