Sunday Notes: Taking responsibility to make work a better place

MP900399109We all share responsibility to forge a better workplace. As managers. As employees. As organizations. Even as customers of those organizations. How should we come together to mold a better workplace? This goal might boil down to our personal work life basics.

Some ideas to consider:

  • Become more transparent. Honesty is a basic – and its value holds in all facets of the workplace. In a nutshell, tell the truth. If you are a recruiter, let the candidate know everything you know about a role, both good and bad. If you are giving a performance review, tell the whole story. (Don’t skim over the weaknesses that will hold someone back in the future). If you are a customer, don’t walk away upset. Diplomatically express your problem – it is worth mustering the courage to do so.
  • Sharpen your listening skills.  Make it a point to lessen the signal noise, and really listen to your employees and your customers. Separate yourself from the potential stress you feel this may bring – or worse yet, the fear of the change that may follow. Progress starts with an open mind – and an open mind develops when you truly hear the concerns of others.
  • Become hopeful. Remaining optimistic, and maintaining energy levels when things are challenging is a difficult task – but one that is worthwhile. Make every attempt not to give up on an employee, co-worker, a project or yourself. If there is an issue – trouble-shoot and attempt to devise a plan to impact the situation. Not the solution? Step back, reflect and formulate another route. Develop the frame of mind that one more try may hold the ultimate key.

Some related reading to support your quest:

What are the personal methods you utilize to improve the workplace? Ideas welcome.

Dr. Marla Gottschalk is a Workplace Psychologist. Connect with her and continue the conversation on Twitter and Linkedin.

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