5 of the Funniest Workplace Commercials of All Time


I’ll admit it — I watch the Super Bowl just for the great commercials. (Super Bowl ads should be considered an art form in their own right.)

Personally, I really appreciate a clever commercial. But, when you set a great ad in the context of work, the magic can really happen!  Somehow, other people poking fun at universal workplace issues (such as annoying co-workers and the ever-present issue of competition) — really allows us to take a break, laugh, and gain a new perspective.

So in deference to all of the great commercials out there — here are 5 of the all-time funniest commercials set in the workplace.

Which one is your favorite?

5. “Working with Monkeys: Business Trip” —  CareerBuilder
Ever wished for better co-workers? This poor guy sure does. (Check out the entire series.)


4. “I Don’t Have Any Friends Like That”  — IBM
You might think that that social media makes you a better employee. Well think again.


3. “Running with the Squirrels” — EDS
Never under-estimate your competition. Ever.


2. “Hump Day”  — Geico
Some of us don’t hate Wednesdays.


1. “Fast Talker” — FedEx
Is faster really better? Hmmmm.


Please add your favorites in the comments section below. (I’ll be sure to draft a Part 2).

Dr. Marla Gottschalk is a Workplace Psychologist. She also writes for Linkedin and US News & World Report.