Why You Should Want to Work Forever


It’s Thanksgiving morning. I’m juggling a recipe for homemade cranberry sauce (it’s not going well), the Macy’s NYC parade and a turkey that isn’t fully defrosted. (A slight mathematical error on my part). I am no Julia Child — but that is beside the point.

Between the marching bands and floats, the screen suddenly pans to a smiling older gentleman behind the scenes at NBC. Who is this? He’s 94-year-old Milton Delugg, musical director of the Macy’s parade — a role he has fulfilled in some capacity for many years.

I feel inspired seeing him there. He is a success on so many levels. (Note: Mr. Delugg remained as musical director for the parade through 2013. He recently passed away.)

One reason? He has found what he loves to do — his life’s work. While doing so, he continues to offer joy through the music he shares. Does this keep him young “at heart”? Not sure.

But he is remarkable.

I hope we all find this in our own career journey — and want to work forever. One more thing to be grateful for.

(But, I am still hoping for a cranberry sauce success.)

Happy Holidays!

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