The Core: Training

Managers are the connective tissue of work life.
Empowering them is vital.

Managers have a unique role — and a key opportunity to impact work life. They are the bedrock of career experiences, laying the foundation for how we approach our work now, and in many cases in the future.

Managers can either fuel our core, or leave it weakened.

Based upon vetted psychological research and scores of conversations concerning work life, The Core Training for Managers is designed to build strong knowledge base and unique behavioral tool box.  The program begins with an exploration of managerial brand and moves to tackle the psychological constructs that comprise The Core.

The Core for Managers:
  • Elevates how managers view their role enhancing their potential to create impact and inspire others.
  • Helps managers view their own management brand with increased clarity and purpose
  • Builds awareness of key psychological constructs that contribute to connection & productivity.
  • Builds understanding of potential Dark Side elements & how they limit team success.
  • Teaches coaching techniques to help managers become more attuned to their team.
  • Starts building an internal Community of Leaders to serve as a key resource going forward.
Program Components:
  • Curated reading list chosen specifically for the program.
  • Unique skill building exercises.
  • Organic case studies relating constructs with real-time challenges.
  • Construct guides addressing the application of key concepts to real-time managerial challenges.
  • Information sourced from published people-focused research.

“The team walked away from these sessions stronger, energized and able to immediately operationalize the key concepts we discussed over the two-day course.” – Rachel White, Director Product Line Delivery Services at ServiceNow.

Option 1: The 30 Day Program + Webinar for Individuals
  • Great fit for new or aspiring managers.
  • Daily content over a 30 day window.
  • Closes with The Core: Webinar to reinforce concepts.
  • Offered bi-annually.
  • Can be scaled to groups
Option 2: Facilitated 2-Day Version for Organizations:
  • Great fit for new or aspiring managers.
  • Course delivered via private site.
  • All course materials are immediately available.
  • 1 hour launch session via Zoom.
  • Two 1 to 1.0-hour facilitated sessions via Zoom.
  • Minimum of 6 participants.
  • Can be scaled to larger groups, with additional break-out groups (6-8 max).
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