The Core: Training

noun (1), often attributive

1 : a central and often foundational part usually distinct from the enveloping part by a difference in nature; the most important or most basic part of something

For Individuals.
Your work life can’t align with who you are — if you fail to identify & declare what lives at your core. This requires that you acknowledge & address the contributing elements.

I’m not a fan of quick fixes. What I am passionate about is changing behavior — and changing behavior doesn’t come easily. It demands a thoughtful examination of the beliefs & mindsets concerning not only our own capabilities, but your work life overall.

It’s a lot to consider. But, it is worth the time & trouble.

The Culture of You
Fast forward to a set of elements that affect individual stability. These elements comprise our own internal work life core. How we think of ourselves, the narratives that are built and the metrics that we apply to evaluate our success. When a needed element is weakened or absent, the resulting state prevents us from finding our path — essentially dulling focus and limiting success. We struggle. We stand still.

Sadly, we fail to apply the same rigor utilized to understand an organization’s core — to our own core. That needs to be rectified.

What I do.
I teach individuals and groups to acknowledge the foundation of their own work lives — their core. This is based upon a set of vital supporting elements, that you may have not put on the same page, at the same time.

I call this The Culture of You.

Whether you work for a large company  — or you are a company of one, the same exercise applies. It is in the discovery, that you move forward.

Offer your work life core (or your team) the attention it deserves. Contact me here.

For Managers
Managers Are at the Core of Employee Experience.
Help Them, Help You.

Thriving organizations ensure their managers are up to the challenge of managing.

Based upon vetted psychological research — The Core Training for Managers is designed to help managers build a strong knowledge base and a unique behavioral tool kit — to help your organization (and the people within it) grow and thrive. The program begins with an exploration of their managerial brand and moves to tackle the psychological constructs that will help them empower their team.

The Program:
  • Elevates how managers view their own role — enhancing their potential to create impact & inspire others.
  • Helps managers view/develop their own management brand with increased clarity and sense of purpose.
  • Builds awareness of key psychological constructs that contribute to connection & productivity.
  • Builds an understanding of potential Dark Side elements & how they limit team success.
  • Teaches coaching techniques to help managers become more attuned to their team.
  • Begins building an internal Community of Leaders to serve as a key resource going forward.
Program Components:
  • Curated reading list chosen specifically for the program.
  • Unique skill building exercises.
  • Organic case studies relating constructs with real-time challenges.
  • Construct guides addressing the application of key concepts to real-time managerial challenges.
  • Information sourced from published people-focused research.

“The team walked away from these sessions stronger, energized and able to immediately operationalize the key concepts we discussed over the two-day course.” – Rachel White, Director Product Line Delivery Services at ServiceNow.

Facilitated 1 Week Program for Organizations:
  • Course content benefits new, transitioning or established managers.
  • Course content delivered via private site and email.
  • Case studies challenge participants to apply covered constructs.
  • Launch session via Zoom.
  • Two 1 to 1.5 hour facilitated sessions via Zoom.
  • Minimum of 4 participants.
  • Can be scaled to larger groups, with additional discussion groups (6-8 max).
Contact Dr. Gottschalk concerning fees and logistics here.