noun (1), often attributive

1 : a central and often foundational part usually distinct from the enveloping part by a difference in nature; the most important or most basic part of something

The Core Training for Managers

Thriving organizations ensure their managers are up to the challenge of managing others.

Based upon vetted psychological research, The Core Training is designed to help build a strong knowledge base and a unique behavioral tool kit, that helps managers make a positive impact. The program begins with an exploration of managerial mission and moves to embrace a set of psychological constructs that build core stability, helping them empower their team.

The Program:

  • Expands their knowledge base concerning needed stability and the work— enhancing their potential to create impact & inspire others.
  • Helps participants view/develop their own managerial style with increased clarity and sense of purpose.
  • Builds awareness of a key set of psychological constructs that contribute to connection & productivity.
  • Builds an understanding of potential Dark Side elements & how they limit team success.
  • Introduces coaching techniques to help participants become more attuned to their team.

Program Components:

  • Curated reading list chosen specifically for the program.
  • Organic case studies relating constructs with real-time challenges.
  • Unique skill building exercises.
  • Construct guides which explore the application of key constructs to real-time managerial challenges.
  • Library of information sourced from published people-focused research.

For fee information concerning The Core Training. Contact Dr. Gottschalk here.