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Interested in bringing Dr. Gottschalk’s unique content to your organization’s blog?
She creates & curates thought provoking content in 3 topic bundles.
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Leading + Managing Others Bundle

Leading within organizations, is a multi-dimensional puzzle comprised of core elements, many of which are often overlooked. Dr. Gottschalk explores the nuances of structure, talent & work environments — that affect today’s developing leaders. Her specific content for managers & team leads, discusses the constructs & strategies that can help them engage and support their teams.

Learning, Personal Development + Productivity Bundle

Continuing to develop as a contributor is journey involving both self-awareness & alignment. This content option explores not only specific strategies — but the mindsets that may contribute. Articles include relevant exploration, exercises + the questions that matter.

Mixed Topic Bundle

Want to keep the range of topics wide open? This bundle includes topics which span the work, work life & organizational landscape. From hybrid work to Gen Z, this bundle is designed to inform your employees & encourage thought leadership.

Information fuels work life.