Core Coaching

Work life has changed. Focus on the foundation.

About You
If you are anything like my previous clients you are a motivated contributor — with a unique set of skills to bring to your industry. However, you may feel unsure of your next steps as if a piece of the puzzle missing.

That vital piece could help you move confidently toward your goal.

You may envision:

  • Keeping pace with changes in environment or your industry.
  • Pursuing a work life path that offers meaning & a sense of value.
  • Making a greater impact within your team or organization.
  • Becoming a more strategic and supportive leader.
  • Forming an improved connection with your team to help them excel.

In my years of experience as an Industrial & Organizational Psychologist, I’ve come to know that our work life foundation is often neglected. This is what Core Coaching is all about — building the foundation that supports your desired work life trajectory. I’m here to put a strategy in place to strengthen that path.

About My Work
I’ve studied the complexities of work life. I’ve also learned that core strength matters. The Core Coaching program helps you develop career strength and get unstuck. Many of the topics are rooted in positive psychology — and will help you better understand why certain situations frustrate, challenge or motivate you.

We all have bills to pay and lives to lead. Yet, most of us would like to find some measure of meaning and fulfillment along the way. My work has taught me that nothing is gained by ignoring who we really are — or what may be standing in our way. I’ve helped many individuals and teams, representing various sectors & different career stages, get real,  get unstuck and move forward.

What we’ll explore together
Part guided reflection. Part Mini-course. The Core Coaching session will help you change the lens, to build the self-knowledge & psychological resources required to move forward. If you feel it is your time to take a leap, this may be your answer. The work you’ll encounter during Core Coaching is challenging, but worthwhile. We treat strength alignment as a luxury — when in fact it is a necessity.(2)

The Format
This is a 90-minute strategy session, designed to help you empower work from the “inside out”. The session will focus on one of the key elements of your foundation as seen in The Core Philosophy™ graphic.
(Please note: A 6-Session Coaching Series is available to address all elements.)

What we explore:

  • The general state of your work life foundation.
  • The element that requires immediate attention.

How does the process work?

  • Prep
    Once we begin, I’ll share a set of questions to identify the element that requires immediate attention. We’ll confirm that element and you will receive a set of curated readings and a targeted exercise.
  • Live Session Process
    This is where we take a hard look at the element in question. We’ll open with your history,  a discussion of the assessment and the readings. We’ll then discuss the exercise relating to identified need.
  • Progress
    Once through the exercise, we’ll identify your strategic homework — the actions that will help you apply the core element moving forward. I will be available by email to facilitate the completion of your homework.

Core Coaching has openings for late July.
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