The Strategy Session

Part mini-course. Part guided reflection. Part organic case-study.

The 90-Minute Strategy Session helps you empower work (and that of your team) — by exploring the underpinnings of your work life foundation. Whether you are an individual contributor, team leader or entrepreneur you can benefit from assessing core strength.

What we explore:We treat strength alignment as a luxury — when in fact it is a necessity.(7)

  • What is the general state of your foundation or that of your team?
  • Which element requires attention?

How Does a Strategy Session Work?

  • Prep
    Once you’ve booked our session, I’ll share a set of assessment questions to identify the element that requires attention. We’ll confirm that element and I will share a set of curated readings, along with a targeted exercise to guide our conversation.
  • Process
    This is where we take a hard look at your foundation. We’ll open with a discussion of the assessment + your targeted readings + the targeted exercise. We’ll then complete a mini-module relating to your identified element from The Core training. Next up, we’ll identify your strategic homework — the actions/exercise that will help you apply the core element moving forward.
  • Progress
    I will be available on a limited basis by email to facilitate the completion of your strategic homework.

Please write me below for scheduling and pricing.