Dr. Marla Gottschalk is an Industrial & Organizational Psychologist & workplace strategist. She created this site to discuss all things work life — including the common challenges that many of us face. She covers a wide range of topics from career confidence to managing others.

Dr. Gottschalk believes that a strong foundation is necessary to remain productive at work. This led her to develop The Core Philosophy™ — which argues that providing a strong work life core is necessary for contributors to move forward. In addition to this blog she helps organizations discover the limiting aspects of their work through The Core Masterclass. which explores the mindsets, habits and tools that facilitate effectiveness. Hu_Drawings_2(1) Revised

Themes explored at this blog:

  • Taking Control. How can we view our work in a way that allows us to improve it?
  • Limits: How do we identify & tackle the obstacles that ultimately hold us back?
  • Productivity: What habits & mindsets can support our work?
  • Managing Ourselves: How can we stop getting in our own way?
  • Managing Others: How can we help our team excel?

A charter member of the LinkedIn Influencer program, Dr. Gottschalk has a following of more than 2 Million. She strives to bring a relatable view of psychological theory to real world work life challenges. She has collaborated with brands including Gapingvoid, Toyota, and Johnson & Johnson.

Her perspectives on work life have been featured at: