About Dr. Gottschalk

Dr. Marla Gottschalk is an Industrial & Organizational Psychologist, workplace strategist and speaker. She explores a wide range of work life topics — including the common challenges that many of us face. Hu_Drawings_2(1) Revised

A charter member of the LinkedIn Influencer program, Dr. Gottschalk has a following of more than 2 Million. She strives to bring a relatable view of psychological theory to real work life challenges. She has collaborated with brands including Gapingvoid, Toyota, and Johnson & Johnson.

Dr. Gottschalk believes that a strong foundation is necessary to remain productive at work. This led her to develop The Core Philosophy™ — which argues that a strong work life core is necessary for all of us to excel. In addition to this blog, she helps people & teams strengthen work life through The Core Masterclass. which addresses the mindset, habits and tools necessary to embrace core stability.

Themes explored at this blog:

  • Taking Control. How can we view our work in a way that allows us to improve it?
  • Limits: How do we identify & tackle the obstacles that ultimately hold us back?
  • Productivity: What habits & mindsets can support our work?
  • Managing Ourselves: How can we stop getting in our own way?
  • Managing Others: How can we help our team excel?

Dr. Gottschalk’s perspectives have been featured at: