A Selection of Readings From The Core Masterclass

Photo by Victor Freitas on Unsplash

“CEO job No. 1 is setting — micro-nourishing one day, one hour, one minute at a time — an effective people-truly-first, innovate-or-die, excellence-or-bust corporate culture.”  – Tom Peters

The ability of an organization to respond effectively in times of crisis is paramount. Yet, this critical capability is not something that can materializes overnight. This unique form of internal strength, is pain-painstakingly developed over time. (The same idea applies for both people and career paths.)

One thing is evident. We cannot expect to draw against a core that has been woefully neglected.

Following this thread, I thought it might be appropriate to share a few articles from the The Core Masterclass reading list, which is designed to build awareness about this very topic. If you read my work, you are likely familiar with my stance on the internal stability of a team or organization. This is simply more of that.

While the elements that contribute to organizational core stability (clarity of mission, etc.) and individual core stability (psychological safety, etc.) are somewhat different — they work together to build healthy, productive work environments.

Happy reading.

  1. Management is (Still) Not Leadership. John Kotter. HBR.
  2. If You Want Engaged Employees, Offer Them Stability. Marla Gottschalk, HBR.
  3. A Blinding Flash of the Obvious, Tom Peters, Insights by Stanford Business.
  4. How the Growth Outliers Do It, Rita Gunther McGrath, HBR.
  5. What Leads to Organizational Agility: It’s Not What You Think. Elaine Pulakos, Tracey Kantrowitz & Benjamin Schneider, Consulting Psychology Journal: Research & Practice.

If you’d like to enroll find information here.

Dr. Marla Gottschalk is an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist who focuses on bringing core stability to people and organizations. She is a charter member of the LinkedIn Influencer Program. Her thoughts on work life have appeared in various outlets including the Harvard Business Review, Talent Zoo, Forbes, Quartz and The Huffington Post.

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